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The door handle is one of the most openly hidden pieces of hardware in any home or business until it is perceived as either spectacular or hideous. No one really looks at the door handle unless it is unique and rich looking and then the viewer is unable to take their eyes off it until it registers in their mind that this is one fantastic room that is punctuated by the door handle. Door Handle Broker has the privilege of bringing the residents and business owners of the State of California the finest quality door hardware from FSB, Rocky Mountain Hardware, Ashley Norton, Omnia Industries, Inc., Baldwin Hardware and EMTEX Assa Abloy. These manufacturers of door handles, doorknobs, door levers, sliding door hardware, patio door handles, exterior door handles, interior door handles and modern door handles make only quality products that are designed to enhance your room and décor with an atmosphere of success and wealth. No matter the need, your Door Handle Broker will be able to provide your door hardware and restoration hardware requirements.

The door handle and door hardware is one of the most important components of a room and it will make or break a designer's vision if the wrong components are bought and installed. FSB is over 120 years old and they sometimes refer to their hardware as the "jewelry of the door." Hardware is such a cold word when describing locksets, lever handles, doorknobs, trim, sliding doors, door pulls, glass door hardware, hinges and hinge accessories, window handles, brass products and metric bath accessories.

After the purchases of a door, window, interior partition or a curtain wall it will be the door and window hardware that accents the décor and turns plain into elegant. The design of hardware will make all the difference in turning your windows and doors into high end, elegant room statements. Door Handle Broker brings you the finest in European door handle technology and beauty design with the finest American lock technology, offering lever designs on an ANSI Standard (Grade One) through-bolted, UL listed (3 hour) mortise lock from FSB. Door Handle Broker will provide you American designs from Ashley Norton that will make a nice addition to your American décor.

FSB hardware can be seen if one looks closely in Moscow at the Russian Central Bank, in Bern at Swiss Telecom, in Montreal at the Montreal Stock Exchange, in New York at Apple Bank, in Skokie Illinois at US Robotics Corporation and again in New York City at the Ralph Lauren Polo Flagship Store.

Door Handle Broker is your hardware resource for Restoration Hardware, Door Knobs, Door Handles and Home Hardware.

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